Howard County Ethics Commission
Financial Disclosure

Welcome to the electronic Financial Disclosure System for Howard County Government. Thank you for taking this opportunity to familiarize yourself with this process.


  • Remember that you are always filing for the previous calendar year.
  • Answer ALL questions for EACH Schedule.
  • You may complete the schedules in any order you wish and can return to previous entries at any time. If you have more than one entry for any given Schedule, you will see them listed when you choose that Schedule for review/update.
  • After all questions have been answered, select "Verify Application." If there are any unanswered questions or problems, a list of those will appear. Click on those Schedules listed and provide the missing answer(s) to question(s) marked with a red asterisk (*). Click "Verify Application" again to see if anything further needs to be addressed.
  • If the verification page detects no errors, you will be presented with the "SUBMIT APPLICATION" button that will allow you to certify and thus complete your financial disclosure.
  • If you filed last year, you can access the information you submiited by clicking the History menu selection found in the left-hand menu of each page.


You can easily access documentation about the filing process by clicking the "DOCUMENTATION" menu selection that appears on each page.
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